FOI Hotline


1. The Mississippi FOI Hotline assists Mississippi journalists and the general public in gaining access to public records, meetings and proceedings in Mississippi. Lawyers answering Hotline calls will field questions about access to public records, public meetings and the courts, as well as cameras in courtrooms, gag orders and prior restraints.

2.  The Hotline phone number is 601-973-8742.  Hotline attorney, Lenoard Van Slyke, is authorized to devote thirty (30) minutes of his/her time for each access problem without charge to the user, and the great majority of questions will be answered within that time period. If work beyond the free 30-minute period is necessary to complete the matter and would result in legal fees being incurred, the reporter or other user will be advised before the work is undertaken to consult his or her news organization or other entity requesting the work to determine whether it is willing to finance additional time being spent on the problem. Many access issues can be resolved during the initial phone consultation. At other times the Hotline attorney may need to research the question and get back to the journalist. If necessary Hotline attorneys will make phone calls or write letters in an attempt to resolve access disputes.  If this additional work will necessitate a legal billing, the user will be so advised before the work is done.

3.  The Hotline is operated by the law firm of Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hewes, PLLC. for the Mississippi Center for Freedom of Information.

4.  Inquiries may be made by any working journalist, any member of the Mississippi Center for Freedom of Information, or the general public in Mississippi.

5. When phoning the Hotline, explain at the outset that this is a Hotline call. The operator will then connect you with a Hotline attorney. Identify yourself to the attorney and state the media organization, if any, you represent. Describe your problem.

6. The Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever possible, use the Hotline during normal business hours.